Soundstage Rhythm Orchestra

16th May

I have been fortunate to be at the Soundstage Rhythm Orchestra rehearsals, as an alternate drummer for Jim Pitts. Jim offered me the opportunity to be an alternate for him on drums. Jim is a great teacher and I’m grateful for the education in drumming and music. My drumming and musicality has improved a lot studying with Jim . It is a great opportunity to learn from such great musicians. It’s great to be able to play in an Orchestra of this caliber. Drumming in an Orchestra is a completely different feel than playing in a Rock or Jazz band. I feel that I am developing my ears more acutely listening to strings , winds, Brass and Rhythm section while watching the conductor and music. It definitely is a challenge, But it will improve my musicality. The Orchestra has very experienced and talented musicians and a great arranger and conductor. the sound is amazing. I really enjoy the balance of all the instruments and beautiful tones of the strings and horns.I look forward to our rehearsals and hope to perform with Soundstage Rhythm Orchestra in the future.